How to apply

November 2-5, 2016


1. Fill out an application form:

  • Either online OR with a paper application.
  • Both methods require students to obtain a recommendation from their school's designated YAE Teacher Chaperone or their principal as part of their application.
  • As this program is intensive, it’s important that participating students have an expressed commitment to art for their own enjoyment and the success of the program.


2. Sign the forms:

  • You must read and sign the Student Guidelines form - available to the right side of this page.
  • Your parent/guardian must sign the Consent form - available to the right of this page.
  • Give both documents to your school's designated YAE Teacher Chaperone.


3. Students who have been accepted into the program will be informed by their designated YAE Teacher Chaperone.

KIAC and participating schools work together in selecting students once all applications have been received. Please note that submitting an application to the program does not mean automatic acceptance. We apologize in advance to those who are not selected to attend.


4. If accepted into the program, give your $100 participation fee to your YAE Teacher Chaperone and await final instructions.

Cash or Cheque. Cheques can be made out to the Dawson City Arts Society.


Don't have a designated YAE Teacher Chaperone?

Questions or concerns?

Contact the Programs Manager at



Youth Art Enrichment is funded by KIAC, Yukon Department of Education, Youth Investment Fund and Northern Vision Development.
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DCAS & KIAC Heating Upgrade was made possible with CIP - 150, CanNor Funding

Application forms

Program Info:

YAE 2016 Program Info.pdf

Student Application:

YAE 2016 Student Application.pdf

Consent Form:

YAE 2016 Consent Form & Student Guidelines.pdf

Chaperone Application:

YAE 2016 Chaperone Application.pdf

Online Application:

Student Application

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