What is Youth Art Enrichment (YAE)?

YAE is an annual four-day intensive art program for Yukon high school students hosted by the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture in Dawson City. This year will mark the program’s 15th year!

What is the Klondike institute of Art & Culture?

The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) is a non-profit community organization created to enrich the quality of life in the Yukon through the enhancement of arts, culture and an arts-based economy.

When is YAE?

YAE takes place in Dawson City from November 4-7th, 2015. Those coming from out of town arrive on November 3rd and depart on November 8th.

Who can participate in YAE?

YAE is open to high school students aged 14 and up with an expressed interest in the arts.

What workshops were offered in 2015?

  • Exploring Colour in Paint and Paper with Suzanne Paleczny
  • Fundamentals of Drawing with Meshell Melvin
  • Beading Basics with Dolores Scheffen

What are the benefits of participating in YAE?

Too many to list here! YAE provides the opportunity for students to work with a professional artist, focus on a creative discipline of their choice for an intense and sustained period of time and discuss future career and educational options.

How much does YAE cost?

KIAC covers a significant amount of the student cost to participate through sponsorship and core funding, however each student must contribute $100.00 towards hotel expenses and will need approximately $60 for evening meals.

How to apply?

Click HERE for application info!


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