Confluence Season 2016

Submissions for the 2016 season are now closed. Stay tuned for the upcoming exhibits!

The Confluence Series at the SOVA Gallery is a DIY community exhibition series which offers a space for KIAC members working in any medium to exhibit their artwork throughout the summer months. The SOVA Gallery is located in the Yukon School of Visual Arts at 3rd and Queen in Dawson City.

Regular Gallery Viewing hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 3-7pm





Confluence 2015

Robin Henry, Courtney Holmes and Carly Woolner
Blanket Fort
May 28 - June 13

Click here for exhibition info


Dion Fortie, Ryland Fortie, Levi Glass, Eliza Houg, Devon Lindsay,
Bo Yeung & Megan Gamble
...strange things done...
June 17 - 23
(part of the Midnight Sun Camera Obscura Festival, June 17 - 21)

Click here for exhibition info


Karen Thomas & Adonika Jayne
Geometry, Mystery and Pluralism
July 2 - July 18

Click here for exhibition info


Blair Douglas
Positives Negatives
July 23 - Aug 8

Click here for exhibition info


KIAC Members' Exhibit
Making Work: An Exhibition Celebrating Craft Year 2015
Aug 13 - 29

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Confluence Season 2014

  The Klondike Painters Group
  May 22 - June 14
  Opening reception: May 22 @ 6pm

  Which Witch?
  Nicole Rayburn
  June 19 - July 12
  Opening Reception: June 19 @ 6pm

Which Witch? is an in-process exhibition of photo and video work which traces the figure of the witch through historical constructions, actual persecutions and the actual  transformations of this character into contemporary representation.


  Telluric Floe
  Mathias MacPhee
  July 17 - Aug 9
  Opening reception: July 17 @ 5:30 - 6:30pm

Telluric Floe
is an examination of the real and imagined ley-lines of Dawson City.    Constructed through a variety of mediums, this exhibit explores metaphysical electrical patterns through quartz fields, schematic maps and satellite observation.


  DCAS Members' Exhibit

  Aug 14 - Aug 30
  Opening reception: Aug 14 (as part of the YRAF Gallery Hop)

  Submission deadline: Aug 8    

To submit a piece or for more info please contact:
Rachel at


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Gallery Hours:

May - August
Fridays & Saturdays
3-7 pm

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