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    Confluence at the SOVA Gallery

    Date: Jul 23 - Aug 8, 2015
    Location: SOVA Gallery


    Blair Douglas

    Positives Negatives

    July 23 - Aug 8

    Opening Reception: Thursday, July 23 @ 6pm
    Regular Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays, 3-7pm

    Positive Negatives is a series of analogue photographic projections based on human geography, the construct of identity and the projection there of. The projections are layered and polarity is reversed, layer by layer. The layers begin with nude portraits of subjects in their homes and/or comfortable spaces. The subjects are stripped of the curated elements of their appearance, while at the same time they are surrounded by objects that help to define them as individuals. Next a projection of these images in the negative is cast upon the subject, this time dressed in white, effectively making them a canvas for the projection of their own nude image. Polarity is reversed one more time to achieve double negatives of the original image and leaving a negative imprint of the subject as canvas. As the images undergo these binary switches they begin to degrade and become grainy, resembling a painting, a construct.
    The piece is meant to comment on the ways we construct our identities and project them upon the world, and alternately how our identities are projected upon us from the outside. The play between positive and negative touches on how values are constructed and qualitatively assigned, while the degradation of the images through the layering process highlights the illusory formality of the constructs and qualities we use to create and perceive identity.

    The Confluence Series at the SOVA Gallery is a DIY community exhibition series which offers a space for local artists working in any medium to exhibit their artwork throughout the summer months.

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