Current Residents

Mandy Espezel, (October 1-30)

Mandy Espezel is an artist originally from Fort McMurray, and is now based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Her work embraces the perpetual filter of subjective identity, often calling on elements of personal experience as starting points for larger social discussions. She studied painting and drawing at the University of Alberta, where she received a BFA in 2007, and expanded her practice at the University of Lethbridge, where she completed her MFA in 2012. Espezel’s work often focuses on feminist-phenomenological understandings/rejections of social norms, the significance of Painting as a contemporary system of communication, and the relationship between human experience and the act of making “things” that may or may not contain artistic/spiritual/cultural value. Her current practice encompasses drawing and painting, as well as installation, animation, sculpture and performance/video.

During her residency with KIAC, Espezel hopes to explore the relationship of these themes within a daily practice of drawing and writing. She is particularly excited to experiment with the written word in concert with the development of a new/evolving visual lexicon informed by her experiences while in Dawson. 

JOSÉ LUIS TORRES (October 1-8)

José Luis Torres will create a site-specific installation for the ODD Gallery using everyday objects and recycled materials from domestic environments collected from Dawson City.

"My pieces are frequently spontaneous configurations, in the form of site-specific installations and ephemeral interventions with architectural aspects. Throughout the constructions, notions of sculpture and architecture are melded together. Spectators are invited to look, explore and experience the physical work of art which is life sized. 

The goal of my constructions, accumulative, viral and invasive, is not the form but rather the action of giving form to a use or a situation. The dialogue established between the location and the piece of work directly influences the configuration of my constructions, which are sometimes created without sketches or plans, the choice of materials and their proportions.Beyond their sometimes-rudimentary aspect, my works touch on the notion of the memories of a location, a building and the inhabitants. Some of my projects also integrate the public in in their production."     

- José Luis Torres

José Luis Torres was born in Argentina and has a Bachelor's Degree in visual arts, a Master's Degree in sculpture and training in architecture and integrating art with architecture. He has been living and working in Quebec since 2003.

His work has been showcased in many solo and group exhibitions, in public interventions and artist residencies in Canada, Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Europe.

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