Current Residents

 Marie Coté, Montreal, QC, October 3 – November15

For Marie Côté, everything begins with pottery. The pleasure she takes in throwing a clay pot has never diminished, although she is now more well-known for her sculptures and installations. Marie draws inspiration from a fundamental experience: that all forms emerge from a void. Just as all pots want to be filled, her work seeks to make us aware of the complex experience that links an object to space. One can easily imagine an empty space, but one cannot envision an object without space. From her first shadow installations to her recent works, it is these links between space and matter that kindle her imagination.

As she says: “As an artist, I seek through challenging experiences and creative engagement with the landscape the opportunity to push further my perceptions and understanding of our world. This fascination led me to explore Nordicity, the real and imagined qualities of the North. I will continue to  pursue research in which clay or any other materials I find in the North – including the soundscape and the clay and minerals of the earth – intertwine and testify to the richness and resonance of the landscape.”

Marie Côté lives and works in Montréal.

A Video on Marie's current show at La Fabrique culturelle (en français)

Peter Morin, Brandon, MB, October 17-27

SOVA is pleased to welcome Peter Morin to Dawson as artist-in-residence. He will also be the first presenter in the Indexes of the Land II:  Aboriginal Artists Lecture-Workshop 2016-17 series. 

Peter Morin is a Tahltan Nation artist, curator, and writer. In his artistic practice and curatorial work, Morin’s practice-based research investigates the impact zones that occur when indigenous cultural-based practices and western settler colonialism collide. This work is shaped by Tahltan Nation epistemological production and often takes on the form of performance interventions. In addition to his object making and performance-based practice, Morin has curated exhibitions at the Museum of Anthropology, Western Front, Bill Reid Gallery, and Burnaby Art Gallery. In 2014, Peter was long-listed for the Sobey Art Prize. Morin recently joined the Visual and Aboriginal Arts Faculty at Brandon University.





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