Current Residents

Kevin Murphy, (July 2–August 17, 2015)
The Natural & The Manufactured Thematic Exhibition and Residence

Kevin Michael Murphy is a Vancouver-based artist working primarily in three dimensions, using a variety of materials, often in combination with pre-existing systems, cycles, or organisms. From his contemporary urban perspective, and against a backdrop of growing environmental crises, Kevin explores the ways that humans interact with the living world around them in material, economic, and imaginative terms.

A recurring concern in Kevin’s work is the idea of landscape, the accumulated human and social lenses through which we view land. His project at KIAC will explore the legacy of the Klondike Big Inch Co., a 1950s Quaker Oats cereal promotion that distributed deeds to actual one inch squares of land near Dawson. Capitalizing on romanticized associations with the North and the Klondike Gold Rush, the deeds were wildly successful in capturing children’s imaginations and encouraging cereal sales, yet were ultimately never intended to have legal property value, prompting decades of confusion and occasional dispute. Having collected many Klondike Big Inch deeds over the last year, Kevin will attempt to locate the tiny lots, and will create a series of sculptural and photographic works that examine the sticky relationship between land and landscape.

Kevin received his BFA at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in 2009, and went on to work there for a number of years as UBC's Drawing, Painting & Sculpture Technician. This September he will begin his MFA at the University of Guelph in Ontario.

Colin Lyons
(July 7–August 17, 2015)
The Natural & The Manufactured Thematic Exhibition and Residence

Colin Lyons is a Hamilton based artist, whose recent work fuses printmaking, sculpture, and chemical experiments. He explores industry through the lens of fragility and impermanence, considering sacrificial landscapes, planned obsolescence, and the nature of what we choose to preserve. 

While in Dawson, Colin will be excavating metal fragments and ruins from the dredge tailing piles, and bringing them up to the midnight dome.  There, he will be creating an off-the-grid, etching powered shelter which will be used to restore and etch these fragments using electro-chemical processes.

Lyons received his BFA from Mount Allison University (2007) and MFA in printmaking from University of Alberta (2012). Recent projects have been presented at The Soap Factory (Minneapolis), Platform Stockholm (Stockholm), OBORO (Montreal), ARTSPACE (Peterborough), Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery (Sarnia), Kala Art Institute (Berkeley), SPACES (Cleveland) and Kamloops Art Gallery (Kamloops).

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