Current Residents

Fae Logie (August 21 - September 30, 2014)

Fae Logie chose to come to Dawson City as it falls at + or - 64 degrees north. This is not an arbitrary point of reference. Rather it signifies a global line of interest through northern settlements that border on forested habitats limited by a cold climate and short growing season as well as the expected impacts of climate change.

Logie’s current sculptural and video work focuses on articulating a correspondence between dwelling and forests as unique indigenous and modified treed landscapes, both local and distant. She is interested in how communities create a sense of identity though the ecology of a particular place - considering the forest ecosystem, its natural history, it biodiversity, its languages, its cultures, its myths, its poetry. Operating within the registers of the scientific and the poetic, her work subverts purely objective inquiry to find alternatives ways of knowing our engagement with nature.

Working out of her home near Vancouver, Logie has exhibited across Canada as well as in Iceland, England and New Zealand. Next year her plans are to continue the ‘+ or - 64 Degrees North: A Forest Project’, in Norway and Finland.

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