Current Residents

Del Hillier (April 12 - May 17, 2015)


For the past two years Del’s primary focus has been on the craft of Marquetry:  the art of using wood veneers to create pictures and designs.  A self-taught ‘Marquetrician’ - a term he’s coined himself - Del mixes an adherence to high craft and history with experimentation and play.  His process-based approach to Marquetry also incorporates additional medias to the craft such as pyrography and woodworking.  At KIAC, Del plans to spend generous time in the studio while also sharing his knowledge of Marquetry through a series of workshops with students at Robert Service School.  

Del studied Visual Art at The Emily Carr University of Art and Design and The Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague.  He is the founder of The Trading Post - a rural trading post in the southern Yukon and facilitator of The Banff Industrial Park Tours.  Del recently participated in the residency Winterjourney at The Banff Centre and will be collaborating in an exhibition this summer at Dynamo Arts Association in Vancouver.


Louise Reimer (April 18 - May 17, 2015)


Louise Reimer is an artist and illustrator from Vancouver. She studied Visual Art at Emily Carr University. Since graduating in 2011, Louise has spent time living in Dawson City and Montreal, and currently resides in Toronto. Her dreamy editorial illustrations have been featured in publications across Canada and the United States. Louise is also known for her delicate, feminine watercolours and drawings, which may help you to "wash your eyes from the ugliness of life." Her work explores representations of strength and femininity, notions of beauty, and our relationship to nature. She is inspired by strong women, girl-culture, feminism, and literature. 

Louise plans on spending her time in Dawson working on a new painting series subverting classical representations of female bodies, exploring the psychedelic possibilities of watercolour, and visiting the dump. This is her first residency

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