Current Residents

Nick Kozak, Toronto, March 1-April 14

Nick Kozak (b. 1982) is a freelance photojournalist whose current work is focused on the issues of community and identity, their inseparability and constant state of flux. He explores communities that are displaced, marginalized, and/or those carving out new social spaces out of necessity or a desire to redefine a collective identity. His curiosity is combined with a keen eye, innate sensitivity and desire for greater social awareness. By nurturing relationships with communities and placing a great importance on learning from the people he photographs, Nick is able to create intimate pictures that tell informative stories.


Nick will spend the month of March, 2017, developing a photographic story-telling project while volunteering as a photographer with the Klondike Sun in Dawson City as well as working with the CFYT Community Radio Station. He also hopes to involve himself and his camera with the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation. As a visiting photographer Nick hopes to contribute a fresh eye to the stories in Dawson. By working alongside members of the community he hopes to find out what life is really like in town. Nick’s photographs will be a testament to his learning about both the important issues of the day and what residents are most proud of.

Virginia Mitford, Mayo, March 1-31, April 15-30

Virginia Mitford is an emerging artist who divides her time between Newfoundland and the Yukon. Her childhood spent on a remote trapline in the Yukon with her family and dog-team has had a huge influence on her art practice. Working with a variety of media, namely printmaking, dancing and drawing, she examines her own personal history within broader concepts of feminism, uncertainty and change. She uses the processes and actions involved in making art as a tool to orient herself within an overwhelming store of emotion, experience and memory, while attempting to look to the present as a renewed source of meaning. Graduating from Memorial University with a BFA in 2013, Virginia has since taken part in multiple artist residencies in Montreal and across Newfoundland. She is excited to be back in the Yukon for the the KIAC residency, as well as the Chilkoot Trail Residency later in the summer.

Let Myself (Go) is a recent body of work that approaches nostalgia and feminism with humour and discomfort. Through the act of revisiting and reclaiming the way Virginia presents herself through clothing and movement, this watercolour and performance project works to untangle convoluted emotions with respect to body image and childhood. During this residency, she will be working on watercolour self portraits that document the re-wearing of childhood outfits and as well as present day clothing choices scrounged from around MacCaulay House. Virginia also plans to use this residency as an opportunity to incorporate more performative actions into her practice, by spending time in her studio and elsewhere awkwardly recreating and relearning a dance rehearsal from age thirteen.

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