Get to know KIAC’s administrative team

Karen DuBois

Karen DuBois
Executive Director

Karen has had a long history of involvement with the arts. She was a founding member of and long time volunteer for the renowned Dawson City Music Festival and has served on many arts related boards and committees. In 1999, she took a break from her position as an adult educator at Yukon College to become the Programs Manager for KIAC’s first three years. When she returned to the College, she assisted with the administration of the Arts for Employment program, and the development of the KIAC School of Visual Arts curriculum and program design. Karen joined KIAC as Executive Director in May 2008. She is a 3rd generation Dawsonite –and has raised two 4th generation Dawsonites.

Tara Rudnickas

Tara Rudnickas
ODD Gallery and Artist Residency Director

Tara grew up in Toronto, received a BFA from ECIAD in Vancouver and has wandered around some random countries and small towns since then. Over the past 5 years she has been involved with KIAC as a volunteer, exhibiting artist, student and board member. Now she has a desk with a nice lamp. Tara continues to work in photography, installation, sewing, drawing, crochet and her garden.


Ange Bonnici
Programs Manager

Ange can't wait to get into work in the morning so she can spend time with Matt Sarty.
(drawing by Michael Markowsky)

Matt Sarty

Matt Sarty
Performing Arts & Festival Producer

Matt grew up in the small town of Westville, Nova Scotia and completed a BA in English Literature and Art History at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. During these years in Sackville, Matt played in various bands, worked at the Owens Art Gallery and CHMA, the campus-community radio station. Matt found his way to Dawson City as a touring musician in 2010 and has yet to find reasons to leave. After working as Production Assistant at the Dawson City Music Festival, Matt continues to volunteer for the festival, play in bands, and produce the KIAC Performing Arts Series and Yukon Riverside Arts Festival.

Dan Sokolowski
Producer, Dawson City International Short Film Festival

Yet another transplanted Ontarian, Dan attended the first Dawson City International Short Film Festival (2000) as a visiting filmmaker. Eight years later, after many return trips as KIAC Artist in Residence, ad hoc teacher and other sundry jobs, he and his partner Laurie moved here in 2007. It's his 10th Film Festival this year ... and he may just stick around until he gets it right. Dan continues to thrive in obscurity as a filmmaker. Please add to his visitors count at

Picure of Robyn
Robyn Olson

Administrative Assistant

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