Board of Directors



Peter Menzies {President)
Peter Menzies has served three years on the Board as President. His main hobby is community based music with a focus on fiddle, square dancing and song writing. Peter represents DCAS on the YSOVA Governance Council. He is the Robert Service School Multimedia/Applied Skills instructor and is active in Music Yukon, CFYT FM and the North Klondyke Highway Music Society

Gail Calder
 (Vice President)
Lured north of 60 from Vancouver for a three-week visit in 1987, Gail quickly became involved in music and the arts starting as a volunteer and then board member of various cultural groups in Dawson. Now, almost 25 years later, she still enjoys that she can stay involved in so many arts and cultural events, all within walking radius of her home. As a part-time YTG employee Gail enthusiastically spends time working with mosaics, collecting beautiful beads during her worldwide travels, catering and enjoying weekends camping under the midnight sun surrounded by the Yukon’s most beautiful scenery.

Pat Habiluk (Treasurer)
Pat Habiluk has lived and worked in the Yukon on engineering, architecture and restoration projects for more than 30 years, most recently in Dawson City.

Nicole Becker (Secretary)

Kerry Barber

Priska Wettstein

Veronica Verkley

David Curtis

Charles Sheppard

Chris Healey



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